Eastern Market Murals

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Already identified by it’s iconic farm-themed mural, one of my favorite places to visit, Detroit’s Eastern Market, this past September, held an awesome event, “Murals in the Market.”

45 world-class local and international artists were invited to paint murals throughout Eastern Market. And they did not disappoint. The event was held over 9 days, with lots of activities that brought many attendees, photographers, artists, and the general public to every corner of Eastern Market.

You might have heard that the Compuware building, also recently, had a renowned artist paint a mural on the back of its building. Art is always in the air in Detroit.  

I have no doubt that the talent showcased in these murals and this event as a whole, will further endear Eastern Market to the greater metro area and beyond, and increase Eastern Market’s already worldly-appeal as a shopping and tourist destination.

If you haven’t been to Eastern Market lately or ever, you are missing a real treat. As a life long visitor to Eastern Market, I’m thrilled to see all of the activity. And, taking an afternoon and my camera with me, going to get photos of these new fixtures at Eastern Market.

To read about the artists who’s work now graces many locations in Eastern Market, along with a map, see Murals in the Market: http://www.muralsinthemarket.com

To see photos of the murals: http://www.muralsinthemarket.com/current-murals-1/


Eastern Market Murals Eastern Market Murals Eastern Market Murals Eastern Market Murals

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