Happy Sweetest Day Detroit

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OK, so we all know that Sweetest Day is a ‘holiday’ concocted by the candy industry to sell product. Family, friends and lovers fall into the notion to express their affection for their significant other on the second Saturday in October. Showering them with candy, flowers, cards, and assorted gifts. After all, why not?

An interesting note about Sweetest Day is that Detroit and Cleveland are the biggest celebrators of Sweetest Day. Does that mean that Detroit and Cleveland are more willing to “show their love” than other big cities? While I don’t doubt that Detroiters and Cleveland-ites have very big hearts, it seems that these two cites had the biggest candy makers and promotors, CC Hartzell and the Sanders Candy Company.

Even with the knowledge of the origins of Sweetest Day, think about it, it has been going strong since 1921. So, I prefer the notion of ‘why not.’ After all, would Sweetest Day really have had such staying power if the public didn’t take a liking to it? Besides, showering our loved ones with affection, no matter what the concocted reason, brings a good feeling to us all.

So, this Saturday, October 17, show your loved one, that they are loved. Then continue to do so as often as you can.

“Happy Sweetest Day Detroit.”

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