The Birds Nest pt. 2

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The Nest Unraveled a Bit

Well, the future came. The cords and cables are still coiled up, for the most part and not underfoot. The birds nest is still tamed, but, almost three years later I found myself revisiting a portion of my birds nest solution.

The labeling solution needed updating. Despite the good-hearted effort of using the labels at hand at the time, over a few years time the labels on the cables and cords that got the most unplugging/plugging activity needed replacing. Either the identification text wore off, labels were detaching because they were designed to lay flat or labels were being accidentally torn off. So, this time, I was determined to use the correct tools for the job, to not have to tackle this project ever again. I went hunting for a labeler.

Choosing a labeler to fit my labeling needs was an interesting adventure. Presently, I had one need. But quickly thought of others as I viewed the labelers. So many models to choose from; do I go basic or bells and whistles? I settled on the Brother P-touch 2030. Bells and whistles, yes, but the decision was made easier due to it being on sale for $30 off at Office Depot, which brought the cost down to what I’d pay for a basic, no frills model.



This was a little workhorse, featuring:

  • Variable size and style fonts
  • Multiple line entry
  • Block text entry
  • Auto Fit or Fit to set length
  • Saving of styles and labels
  • Templates
  • Bar Code Labels
  • Mirroring
  • Multiple printing
  • Auto-numbering
  • Portability


These features will be useful in the future. And, this time, I chose the correct type of label tape. A flexible label tape, created specifically for wrapping around the small diameters of cables and not coming loose.

So, I took the time, once again, to label my cables and cords, expecting this to be the last time. Now, I can once again, easily get to the cable and device intended and keep that birds nest tightly managed.

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