How to Throw a Holiday Party in a Small Space

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Don't let a small space hold you back from being the hostess with the mostess this holiday season! With these 10 simple tricks and tips you can host an awesome holiday party in any size square footage.


1. Rearrange furniture to maximize your space

Simply pushing couches, tables, and chairs up against walls creates more space for guests to move around more easily. If you’re living area is larger than your normal dining room area, swap them to create a larger space for guests to dine in.


2. Improvise tables

Who said everyone has to eat at the same table? Coffee tables, end tables, desks, kitchen carts, anything that has a surface for someone to sit and eat at can be used as a table for guests. If you want everyone to sit together, push a variety of tables together and cover them with one big table cloth or mix and match a variety of table cloths.


3. Make sure you have enough seating

Couches count as seats, so do stools, and large decorative pillows. Get creative with your seating styles. Rent fold up chairs or mix and match a variety of chairs you already have to go around the dining table. As long as there’s a place for someone to sit, they won’t mind what they’re sitting on. (PS: a head count of how many people will be attending the party makes organizing the seating situation a lot easier!)


4. Decorate with food

You may be able to hang a few things on the wall or squeeze a few decorative elements on a table or two, but with most of your tables being used for food, you mine as well kill two birds with one stone and make the food decorative as well! Browse through Pinterest for decorative holiday food ides such as this cheese tray turkey or chocoloate dipped pretzel wreath. Everyone will be Instagraming your "decorations!"


5. Maximize table space

Use a variety of bowls and plates or platters and strategically place them like puzzle pieces all on one table. Set appetizer dishes throughout the dining table so guests can munch on them pre or post meal. Use tiered stands for deserts or appetizers to really maximize table space. Clear shelves, or other small surfaces areas for guests to place drinks, appetizer plates, etc.


6. Use the space above you

Hang a few strands of fairy lights or Christmas lights throughout the ceiling or above the dining table to create decorative lighting. You can also hang ornaments from the lights or your ceiling to create a festive atmosphere. Holiday banners can be hung across windows or on the walls.


7. Don't be afraid to mix and match!

Your grandmother’s finest china is not necessary for hosting an awesome holiday dinner party. Use what you’ve got! Guests aren’t concerned about the plethora of plates, cups, and silverware they’re using, they’re just worried about how good or not good the food that is going on those plates is going to taste. Plus, mixing and matching is in these days, get creative with it! (PS: To really amp up the mix and match vibe, visit your local thrift store and purchase a variety of festive dinner ware for your party)

8. Create ambiance

Light pumpkin or cinnamon scented candles, play your favorite holiday music from your iHome, and swap your normal house plants for festive ones such as pumpkins, forest greenery, or poinsettia flowers. Your guests will be transported from 800 square feet to a holiday wonderland in minutes.


9. Have the food ready

With your already small space filled with a bunch of people, preparing food mid party is going to be stressful and inefficient. Prepare your dishes the night before or the morning of to ensure they’ll be ready by the time guests arrive. If you can’t prepare all of the food yourself, ask guests to bring a dish. Create a group text or a Facebook invite to divvy up who’s going to bring what.


10. Embrace the chaos!

No matter if your throwing a holiday party in a 2,000 square foot house or your cozy little apartment, chaos is bound to occur when hosting a party. At the end of the day it’s not about how fancy the dinnerware was or how well decorated your space is or not, it’s about sharing good conversation, eating delicious food, and creating memories to last a lifetime with the people you love. Accept the flaws and enjoy your party!

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