7 Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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Trick or Treat! Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time get into the Halloween spirit and adorn the house, porch, or doorstep with pumpkins.

Carving pumpkins originated as an old Halloween tradition centuries ago, and while the jack-o-lantern is still a favored and significant Halloween decoration seen today, this year pumpkins are getting a revamped and updated look with these seven unique and fun pumpkin decorating ideas.

Don’t have a porch? These decorative pumpkins make for great center pieces, a spookily chic mantle decoration, windowsill accents and more!


Photo: www.17apart.com

An easy, modern twist on the traditional jack-o-lantern.

• Drill
• Different size drill bits
• Tea light candle

• Carve out the “guts” of the pumpkin.
• Drill various size holes into the outer side of the pumpkin with different drill bit sizes to create cool patterns, designs, faces or words!
• Place a tea light candle inside to illuminate.


Create this pumpkin in one creepily cute easy step!

• Hot glue gun & glue gun sticks
• 1 package of mini plastic spiders (purchase at Halloween or party supply store)

• Individually glue each spider facing upward, onto the outside of the pumpkin.




These emoji pumpkins scream Halloween 2016!

• 1-2 cans of bright yellow spray paint
• Black and red felt
• Hot glue gun & glue gun sticks

• Spray each pumpkin with 1-2 coats of yellow spray paint. Let paint dry.
• While the paint is drying, cut out the various emoji mouth and eye shapes from the black and red felt.
• After the paint has dried, hot glue gun each piece of felt accordingly to create your favorite emoji faces.

Photo: www.babble.com

• Small, white pumpkins or white spray paint
• Brown, pastel pink, and pastel blue acrylic paint
• Paint brush
• Sprinkles
• Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks

• If your pumpkins are not already white, thoroughly spray them with white spray paint.
• After the paint has dried, “frost” your pumpkin by painting brown, pink, or blue acrylic paint around the stem to create the frosting.
• After the frosting paint has dried, individually hot glue gun sprinkles to the frosting area.

Photo: www.babble.com

A spooky adorable addition to any doorstep!

• Cheesecloth
• Spray or liquid fabric stiffener (optional)
• Plastic googly eyes
• Scissors
• Carving tool
• Hot glue gun & glue sticks

• Cut the cheesecloth into strips.
• To give the pumpkin a more rough, “mummified” look, thoroughly spray the cheesecloth with the fabric stiffener. Make sure they’re really wet!

Photo: www.domainehome.com

Add a chic Halloween touch to any space with these pretty pumpkins.

• Pumpkin with a long stem
• Spray glue
• Spray paint colors of your choice (Metallics & pastels look cool!)
• Glitter colors of your choice

• Spray paint the entire pumpkin (minus the stem) the color of your choice. Apply additional coats if necessary.
• After the paint has completely dried, throughly coat the entire stem with spray glue.
• Carefully pour the glitter around the stem to completely cover it.
• Add additional coats of spray glue and glitter where necessary.

Photo: www.classyclutter.net

Have a glamorous and classy Halloween this year with these beautiful bejeweled pumpkins.

• Metallic gold spray paint
• Black, silver, or gold jewels
• Hot glue gun & glue gun sticks

• Spray the entire pumpkin including the stem with 1-2 coats of metallic spray paint (you can also use silver).
• After the paint has dried, hot glue the jewels onto the pumpkin to create pretty designs.

Have your girlfriends over for a couple glasses of wine or grab a jug of apple cider and have a night in with the kids while you decorate pumpkins in a new and creative way this Halloween!

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