The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need

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With so much to do in a very specific amount of time, moving out of your apartment can be stressful.

To make your move as painless as possible, we’ve made a list of everything you need to accomplish before you hand in those keys. Have a look:

1-2 Months Before Move

  • Confirm your moving date
  • Give notice to your current landlord in writing, and be sure your notice meets the time frame required in your lease (30 days, 60 days, etc.).
  • Get a dated copy of your written notice with the landlord or management company representative’s signature
  • Cancel and transfer utilities
  • Complete a change of address at your local post office or online at
  • Reserve a moving truck and/or movers
  • Make plans for your kids/pets during the move
  • Organize your belongings and decide what to keep, what to throw out, what to sell, and what to donate
  • Collect moving boxes/containers

1-2 Weeks Before Move

  • Confirm reservation appointments
  • Pack
  • Take inventory of your valuables

Day of Move

  • Take photos of the move-out condition of your apartment in case they’re needed to receive the security deposit you paid
  • Do a walk-through of your new apartment, including photos if desired
  • Complete the landlord’s move-in inspection form (or make your own detailed list to note any items that aren’t working properly). Sign and date it, present it to the landlord/management company and keep a copy for yourself
  • Make sure all keys/fobs are working
  • Familiarize yourself with the new apartment’s utility equipment, such as the furnace, circuit breaker, and water shut-off valve
  • Re-take inventory of your valuables

1-2 Weeks After Move

  • Report any concerns to your current landlord/manager
  • Update your driver’s license

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