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Even after more than three years at Paragon, Matt still can’t tell you his favorite part about working here. It’s too hard to choose!

But he knows exactly what he loves about Detroit, and what he considers the city’s best kept secret.

To learn more about Matt, keep reading this installment of our “Meet The Team” series about Paragon’s amazing employees.

Leasing Consultant Matthew Teddy Rowland


Flat Rock, Michigan

How long have you worked at Paragon? 

Three years as of December 20th.

How did you begin your career at Paragon?

I was a part time maintenance guy at a property just North of Monroe, mourning my career in sales. My property was purchased and Paragon was hired to run it. I moved around as a full-time tech for awhile until I landed comfortably as Assistant Maintenance Supervisor at our Westwood Village Property.

Never having lost the desire to be in the marketing/sales business, I began studying real estate sales. Before I could make the biggest mistake of my life (other than that bowl haircut I had in high school) and leave the company, I was given the opportunity to join the ranks of Paragon’s leasing staff.

What’s your favorite part about working at Paragon?

How do you pick your favorite part of a job you love? Is it not being able to decide if I’m working or playing while clocked in? Is it spending time with people all day? The company events or competitions? I can’t decide. Let’s skip this one for now.

What are your hobbies?

Chasing my children through playgrounds. I’m also a runner, reader, and avid shoe wearer.

A fun fact about you?

I have never been beaten at an egg and spoon race. Never.

Favorite restaurant?

Pegasus in Detroit.

Favorite place to shop?


What do you love most about Detroit?

When you drive down I-75 at night and you can see the skyline lit up. It’s one of my favorite things to see.

What is one of Detroit’s best kept secrets?

If Detroit had a secret, it wouldn’t be telling me and I wouldn’t tell you. *cough* Eastern Market. *cough*

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