NAIAS Spotlights the Best of Detroit

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What does local pride mean in other cities?

Sure, you may be able to brag about your sports team, maybe a skyscraper. At most you might be known for a particular brand of rice.

But here in Detroit we have it all.

We branded ourselves as Motown, made serious strides in the civil rights movement, and birthed a little thing we call the automotive industry.

Yeah, you’re welcome, America.

I recently attended the North American International Auto Show and, let me tell you, nothing says “Detroit is thriving” like celebrating the marriage of technology and steel craftsmanship.

This is more than just people sneaking a peak at upcoming models. This is a promise from the auto industry, a promise of jobs, quality, cutting edge product, and a reason to wear the D on our shirts and hats like a badge of honor.

The auto show isn’t just about the cars we will be driving in the near future; it’s about our future as a city and as a state.

All the major contenders show up to the best city in the world to celebrate the best cars in the world. And as I passed by all of the polished and beautiful works of art, I was hit by the imagination and ingenuity that goes into each of these innovations.

I’m not in the auto industry, but I’m grateful to be a part of a company that does its best to celebrate both the auto industry and all those who work in Detroit.

Thousands of people came into Detroit to attend the NAIAS and walk among the best we have to offer. But it’s the rest of the year —right now— where we go back to the grind, making Michigan and America what it is, what it has always been: No. 1.

Matt Rowland is a leasing consultant at Westwood Village.

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