Doggie Water Park

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 Why should you have all the fun?

While we humans like to seek out waterparks when summertime gets a little too hot around the gills, I’m sure your dog is staring at you during the summer heat and thinking “What about me?”

Well, instead of giving your dog that clueless look of response. You can grab his leash, head to the car and go to a doggie water park.

Halliday’s Pet Resort & Day Care, in Canton, sports a doggie water park to help your best friend beat the heat.

“We are proud to announce the opening of our new water park for dogs!

You know how you can often become tired just watching kids play in a pool? Imagine the amount of energy your dog will burn playing in our water park complete with a built-in pool with a walk-in beach entrance and:

  • Party Pools!
  • A fire hydrant that shoots water in 4 directions
  • A rain stick that sprays water in the air
  • A splash pad to keep dogs’ nails safe
  • Eight nozzles that spray water from the spray pad at random. This is a must see!

Just like kids, dogs have BIG fun running through the fresh water squirting out of the nozzles in the splashpad, through the “rain stick” and custom made “fire hydrant” that shoots water in 4 directions!

Let your dog feel like a puppy again.

Each dog is tested for temperament and social interaction with other pets prior to entering the Water Park and is grouped appropriately.”

For more information, check out their website:

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