Tech Gadgets for Your Four-legged Family Member

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High tech devices to keep track of your vital signs while working out have become to new rage. Then there are the really high-tech devices when you have to visit your family physician.

What about your pet? Your pet is an integral member of your family. Keep him or her healthy and safe with a few high and low tech gadgets, too.

Drinkwell Pet Fountains

“The water spouts with the patented free-falling stream provide aeration and circulation to the water, which inhibits bacteria growth. Charcoal filters remove impurities, bad tastes, and odors from the water.”

  • Charcoal filter keeps water fresh and clean
  • Free-falling stream adds oxygen to water and entices pets to drink more
  • Promotes healthy urinary and kidney function
  • Helps with temperature regulation, fat metabolism, and recovery from sickness 

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“Health monitor and wellness management system for every stage of your dog’s life.” A high-tech collar that measures your dog’s key vital signs. Items  like heart rate and respiratory rate during activity and rest. The Voyce app shares the information with your vet.

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“Find Your Escape Artist”.

A location tracking device that attaches to your dog’s collar so you can keep track of them wherever they go. The Tagg GPS pet tracker lets you define your pet’s home base and tells you if they wander off.

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“Play With Your Cat. Even When You’re Not Home.”

Kittyo lets you watch, speak to, play with, and record your cat when you’re away. You can even dispense treats!

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