Total Paragon Package

We’re an experienced team of industry leaders with proven results. We know how to maximize your returns through a 10-point system we call #TheTotalPackage

Home base is Bingham Farms, Michigan – a suburb of Detroit, the most up-and-coming urban landscape in the country. Here, innovation stands on the broad shoulders of tradition. Having fun and working hard is in our DNA. Our culture is sought after by our clients, embraced by our team and appreciated by our residents.

How we #DeliverTheGoods (Formerly known as “The Mission Statement”) Our creative and evolving environment provides results-driven, total package dedication to our clients, our team members and our residents. Our total package design honors clients’ needs, enriches team members’ lives and provides authentic community for our residents.

TOTAL Package Staffing

Success launches when you have quality people behind your business. That’s why we are dedicated to sourcing the very best leasing, management, sales and maintenance teams, custom selected for your market and property.

Total package staffing begins with our extensive industry search for the very best employees. We employ rigorous pre-employment screening, a super-clean hiring process, and top-notch professional training, both in the classroom and in the field.

Our Training is Comprehensive and Motivating, and here’s why
  • Our trainers are National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) certified and have decades of combined industry experience. They’re genius at encouraging and inspiring the very best in their participants.
  • Our trainers engage to make learning fun. They laugh, they cheer, they encourage #cupcakeconsumption. The end result? Participants become true team members, ready to deliver total package results.
  • Our trainers are customer-focused. Everything they do is designed to nurture a customer - forward staffing perspective. Your residents will appreciate the difference and you’ll notice the boost in your bottom line. We promise!

TOTAL Package Marketing

Residents, clients, employees. Everyone on the Paragon team is integral to our business culture, and everyone represents our brand.
We are skilled at building brand platforms to support social media, SEO, marketing, advertising and promotion. In short, we place you directly into the consciousness of prospective residents. Your relationship will begin the moment Paragon’s marketing efforts capture their attention.

Prospective residents will experience 3-D floor plans, get pumped by quarterly promotions, engage with tweets, posts, #hashtags and pics. They’ll marvel at the consistency and professionalism – and they’ll do more than make your property their home. They will become part of your community...and you’ll be impressed by how easy it was to get them there.

TOTAL Package Technology


The power of multiple platform technology is in our hands...and yours too.

Because we’re fluent in Yardi Voyager 7s, the most sophisticated property management software in the industry, we offer real-time, multi-directional data between office and field environments. Mobile devices allow us to conduct due diligence inspections and asset reviews to provide timely and accurate cost assessments whenever and wherever necessary. And, intelligent website design enhanced by dynamic number insertion, allows us to accurately track leads so our properties are always clued in and ready to follow up.


Nuanced, sophisticated cost/benefit analyses and other custom reports? #NoProblem. It’s what we’re all about.

All this makes us—and you—instantly able to know, respond and perform, #RealTime.

TOTAL PACKAGE accounting: small but mighty

Actually, we like the term #boutique.
However we refer to it, our smaller size translates into total package financial services with zero red tape.

We work hard to make sure it all adds up. But most of all, we’re friendly and accessible, so you’ll always be on top of the #numbersside of your business.


Our in-house accounting professionals offer full-service attention and care, including:

  • Utility management
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Advanced custom analytics
  • Collections Management
  • IT and tactical hardware and software support
  • Disciplined bookkeeping and auditing for compliance and overall accounting accuracy
  • ...even HR, payroll and benefits administration

TOTAL PACKAGE asset protection and loss management

From the moment we join forces, Paragon looks after your property with the same pride and attention as an owner. And that means the safety of all team members, residents and you, as owner and investor, is our top priority.

That’s our total package attention to risk management, loss prevention and safety.


We employ risk-averse panel-centered counsel on behalf of our owner investors, our institutional property companies and our joint venture partners. We head monthly safety talks regarding all the properties we support and ensure all personnel are continuously trained to recognize potential safety challenges.

Our monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual safety inspections mean nothing gets by us, and our on-site safety kiosks reinforce every single safety point.

Let us share with you our mandatory #rentersinsurance partnership policy that we’ve had in place since 2006. You’ll be impressed by our 95% plus compliance record, but more importantly, you’ll be able to sleep better at night.

That’s Paragon’s total package safety policy, and it surrounds each of us every single day. We take it seriously and it shows.

TOTAL PACKAGE purchasing power


Show your budget some love. Paragon’s total package purchasing power keeps your budget on target. We have national account status with a wide variety of brand name providers, and that translates into deep discounts on appliances, furnishings, supplies...even services. Our purchasing power means you can more accurately predict costs and benefit from rebates and incentives for the smartest buying decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll find we have strict quality standards, too.

Our preferred pricing extends way beyond appliances and carpeting to integrated, efficient resident screening services provided at volume discount. (Bet you never expected that!)

Quality, consistency, low cost, #budgetfriendly – it’s a total package. What could be better?



At Paragon, community means everything, and it shows in the strong sense of pride and connection staff and residents feel to the properties we manage. How do we do it? #COMMUNITYINVOLVEMENT.

When we partner with local charities and nonprofits, we create opportunities for staff and residents to come together to make the world a better place. We know that when people donate time and energy to worthy causes, it pays back hundred-fold in #feelgoodequity.


Our #PayItForward partners include Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Gleaner’s Food Bank, Alex’s Lemonade Stand and many others. Each partnership gives our team members and residents an opportunity to make a difference and connect with their communities.

Imagine residents donating canned goods, employees working side-by-side at a local food bank, maintenance workers building lemonade stands...and Paragon matching every dollar raised for each worthy cause. We have a long history of sponsoring fun runs, hosting charity events and working hard to help those in need. And we do it all together because working together and having fun together builds strong communities. #truestory

It’s total package care that sets us apart.

There’s no “I” in community. (Well...there really is, but...)



Dover Realty Advisors, is our rock-solid multifamily and commercial real estate arm that specializes in receivership, repositioning and asset management for private and institutional clients.

Together, Paragon and Dover Realty Advisors provide overall asset management, including underwriting, financial analysis, capital improvement, asset evaluation, strategic planning and receivership.

In partnership with Paragon, Dover Realty Advisors excels at providing extensive consulting and due diligence support through a proprietary five point diagnostic evaluation to gather and analyze data, then custom design a plan to achieve your desired result. We use only the industry’s leading software and hardware platforms to produce custom reports that lead to solid, long-term investment results.

See The Result of TOTAL PACKAGE Performance

We were studied in our decision to outsource our property management work to concentrate on purchasing assets and growing our portfolio. For the entirety of our relationship, we were impressed with Paragon for their ability to drive revenue and cash flow in a challenging market, due in no small part to their marketing and training programs and timely information and communications. Paragon’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively while providing professional reporting spoke volumes to their integrity and reputation.

J. L. Podolsky, President, Woodbury Management, Inc.

We find Dover Realty Advisors/Paragon Properties to be extremely professional. Their key principals are experienced, honest and candid and they know their markets well. They are thorough in their analyses of property operations, proactive in reporting and communicating recommendations and diligent in seeing corrective measures take place. They enthusiastically seek solutions and represent owners’ interests well. It’s been a valued relationship.

N. Rabb, Assistant Vice President, TriMont Real Estate Advisors

You and your entire staff are real pros! I have seldom seen a receivership go this smoothly and with this good of a result. I certainly recommend Paragon.

A. C. Firstenberger, Attorney at Law, Strip, Hoppers, Leithart, McGrath & Terlecky Co. L.P.A.

Dover Realty Advisors and Paragon Properties have been engaged on some of my trouble asset portfolio since 2008, through a strong recommendation of the loan servicer who wanted this team in place. I find them to be very professional and responsive to the needs of Fannie Mae They are extremely communicative with a very professional reporting package. Their employees represent the company well, with the ability to get the job done and improve performace even when faced with poor markets, bad resident profile and significant asset physical hurdles. Most importantly, they stand behind their commitments; they are open and honest. They work hard. They never overpromise or underdeliver.

G. Moore, Senior Asset Manager, Fannie Mae

Dover Realty Advisors and Paragon Properties served as receiver on several distressed properties I have managed, and they have always been responsive and professional throughout the receivership and foreclosure process. They immediately assess the needs of the property upon takeover and provide thorough reporting for review. I can unequivocally recommend them.

C. S. King, Senior Asset Manager, Fannie Mae