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Terry Schwartz
Principal, Dover Realty Advisors, LLC


Terry Schwartz is is considered a leader in the multifamily real estate industry. During his extensive 35-year career (19 in the C-suite of two top service-comprehensive multi-family companies), Terry has managed more than $1 billion in development, and has handled $600 million in acquisitions and repositionings.
As Principal, Terry oversees Dover Realty Advisors’ and Paragon Properties' expert multifamily asset management, repositioning and receivership services, as well as due diligence support for institutional clients. It’s safe to say Terry is a big part of what makes Dover Realty Advisors the Midwest’s premier multifamily real estate advisory company and Paragon one of its outstanding property management firms.

The industry is eager to learn what Terry already knows about multifamily housing. He has served many roles in his 20-year membership with the National Multi-Housing Council, most notably as Director and Executive Board Member, as well as Chairman of the Property Management Committee and the Tax Committee. He authors articles for various real estate trade publications and speaks about multifamily housing issues at conferences across the country.

After completing his B.S. in business administration at University of New Haven, he earned a master’s in city and regional planning from Rutgers University.


Justin Dunckel


Justin manages the day-to-day, every day. He creates management systems and procedures, maintains client and customer relations, standardizes business policies and administers due diligence for acquisitions and dispositions.

During one of Detroit’s most recent and troubling economic climates, Justin was instrumental in building Paragon Properties Company from a single-client, 4,000-unit portfolio to a regional, multi-ownership operation with more than 7,000 multi-family units under management, as well as adding numerous jobs to the economy.
Maximizing property value is where Justin really digs in. He is an expert in lease-up and repositioned properties, asset preservation, and boosting the performance of properties with value-added potential. During his 20-plus year career, Justin catapulted through a major Midwest property management company, acing numerous roles from Leasing Consultant through VP, for 3,000- to 25,000-unit portfolios.

Under Justin’s leadership, Paragon Properties Company received Property Management Company of the Year awards from both the Detroit Metropolitan Apartment Association (DMAA) and Property Management Association of Michigan (GLAStar).

A former professional athlete with the Detroit Neon of the Continental Indoor Soccer League and full athletic scholarship recipient to Butler University in Indianapolis, Justin applies a sports team perspective to Paragon’s TOTAL PACKAGE dedication. “We approach our game/match/round every day with strategy, flexibility and enthusiasm,” says Justin. “There’s no other way! Be a difference maker…”


Tony Denome
Sr. VP Accounting & Asset Management


Tony, our finance pro, is a senior level financial executive with 10+ years experience in corporate accounting, internal auditing, asset management, underwriting, systems implementations and staff development. He is a specialist in property management with “hands on” experience in multi-family and commercial real estate. Tony is a firm believer the best way to develop team members is finding roles that reinforce their strengths while continually developing their skill set.
Tony has played an integral financial role as Paragon has expanded from a single-client, 4,000 unit portfolio to a regional, multi-ownership operation with more than 7,000 multifamily units. Tony is the Chief Accounting Officer for Paragon Properties but acts in a multifaceted capacity for the organization. He also serves as the chief underwriter for the organization and runs point on acquisitions and dispositions. While Tony realizes Paragon’s strength lies in real estate he does not limit investment opportunities to just multi-family. His core principle for investment is that finding solid income producing property is simply an exercise in patience.

Tony holds an MBA from DeVos School of Management at Northwood University and a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Michigan State University. He graduated with high honors from both institutions.


Sharisse Myren
Vice President


“My job doesn’t exist without the front-line people doing their jobs well.” It’s a mantra that Sharisse lives by. Sharisse directly oversees two flagship properties comprising 1,248 units and 30 employees. Her dual-role encompasses a global focus as the Yardi point, oversight of Paragon’s guidelines for operations and a dynamic manager training committee. Her highly organized, priority-efficient approach boosts employee morale, and provides a high level of satisfaction to both residents and ownership.
Sharisse graduated magna cum laude with dual degrees in business and international marketing from EMU and she will always be a Huron! With 25 years of experience in property management, Sharisse’s favorite part of property management is working alongside and mentoring the Paragon teams. Her life can be described in one word – busy! Sharisse spends her free time focused on her twin daughters’ athletic and academic endeavors, biking, gardening and volunteering at her church.


Aaron Piotrowski
Regional Manager


Sure, we can do that! It’s a phrase that Aaron says often—and he means it. Service-oriented and authentic, Aaron puts customer satisfaction at the top of each day’s priority list. With six properties in his portfolio, he thrives on the variety his role offers. Skilled in sales, business and customer service, Aaron lives the Paragon mission with a keen eye on excellence.
His open-minded attitude means he’s always willing and ready to support his properties’ teams, and he seeks creative solutions to challenges, large and small. When he’s not inspiring his teams to do their best work or leveraging corporate profitability, Aaron enjoys playing golf, spending time outdoors with his family and socializing. “I’m a casual fitness junkie. A gym rat for sure.”


Lori Fronimos
Operations Analyst


Total Package commitment runs deep with Lori, whose motto sings “There is always room for improvement.” Through keen-eye monitoring and analysis of the Paragon product, she identifies issues and growth opportunities, always working toward effective business solutions. A dozen years of industry experience behind her, she connects with every department to solidify shared effort and vision.
Two degrees in business administration and interior design both root and raise Lori’s focus to the industry’s many moving parts, keeping the product fresh and on-trend. Lori is a true influencer.

“The things I do directly impact the bottom line. Implementing strategies for improvement, while creating positive results – it’s an amazing feeling”.


Bruce Horner
Regional Facilities Manager

Bruce carries a tool belt brimming with 18 years of multifamily housing maintenance and management know-how, plus ten years of experience gained from a profit-focused family business. He has built a rock-solid team of contractors for local and remote maintenance projects and draws upon his substantial leadership skills to build partnerships that best serve the ownership and contractors as a team. Budget- and deadlineconscious, Bruce focuses on the process as well as the result, and does what it takes to exceed every goal. Simply put, Bruce gets things done, TOTAL PACKAGE-style.

Tracey Urcheck
Marketing and Training Director


Tracey is our marketing and training expert at Paragon Properties. She began her career with our company in 2008 and as a Leasing Consultant and quickly moved up the ranks filling several high-profile managerial positions before joining our Marketing and Training Department in 2015.
She oversees our portfolio’s digital foot print, including social media, SEO, reputation management, customer relationship management, business intelligence and overall branding for the company. When she’s not out motivating Paragon’s teams in the field she’s focusing on building a strong foundation by combining customer service best practices and a cutting edge sales training program.

Tracey is the happy face our teams look to for support, skill building, inspiration and, of course, a reviving round of cheerleading now and then.