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Ring of Fire

May 20, 2012

Later today, May 20th, a solar eclipse will occur.

This eclipse is called “The Ring of Fire” because the moon, in this orbit, will not completely cover up the sun. The official name is an “annular solar eclipse.”

Because the moon is near apogee (the farthest point from Earth in its orbit around Earth) the moon will appear small enough, so that when it is directly in-between Earth and the Sun, the Sun will still be partially seen. This photo from NASA depicts how it will look.

Unfortunately, only part of the US will witness this spectacular event live. Of course, without looking directly at the eclipse, which is damaging to the eyes.

But with the help of modern technology, all will be able to witness and watch the event live, online. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until year 2023.

The Slooh Space Camera will steam live feeds from telescopes in Japan, California, Arizona, and New Mexico starting at 5:30pm EDT.

Watch here: http://events.slooh.com/

Other live broadcasts of this annular solar eclipse include:

Panasonic: from atop Mt. Fuji: http://panasonic.net/eclipselive/

Scotty Degenhart: From Nevada: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/scottys-sky

Hong Kong Observatory: http://www.weather.gov.hk/gts/hksm/astrophoto.htm





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