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April 27, 2012

Cleaning out that old file cabinet….

If you are like most, you have a collection of papers somewhere. In the file cabinet in the home office, in the corner of the den, and most likely in the catch-all basement. These papers may be old bills that you no longer need to have around or documents that have become obsolete.

In today’s world of identity theft, you don’t want to just throw these papers into the trash. There’s no telling where they’d really end up. So, the option and recommendation is to shred them then dispose of them, say at a recycling center.

Getting them to the recycling center is easy. There’s a recycling center at the corners of 8 Mile Road and Evergreen Road that handles all kinds of materials like: plastic containers, cardboard, aluminum, glass (brown, green, clear), styrofoam, newspaper, magazines and office paper.

OK, then, what about the shredding part? You have tons to shred and purchasing a little shredder from the nearest office supply store, will still take hours to shred that paper.

Tomorrow, you will have a solution.
April 28th, is Shred Day in Southfield.
From 10am to 2pm, you can bring at much as 100lbs of paper to the Southfield High School parking lot and get your papers shredded for free. Over 100lbs will incur a small charge.

To learn more about Shred Day call 248.796.5150.



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