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Pete’s in Ferndale serves upscale deli and more

December 20, 2011

Off the beaten path, down Woodward Heights in Ferndale, this nondescript diner from the outside suddenly becomes a slightly upscale eatery on the inside. Owner Pete Mel transformed a long-closed Coney Island into a place of his own, melding the flavors of a couple former endeavors—Backstage Deli and Salute.

Walking in, you notice the sharp clean décor, white wicker chairs, and a single flower on each table. Theater posters adorn all the walls. In this homage to Broadway, the small space offers a cozy feel.

Lunch and dinner are served each day. Brunch is added on the weekend. We opted for the lunch menu, while several around us enjoyed eggs Benedict, French toast and fluffy omelets.

My wife ordered a Dinty Moore. Traditionally, this sandwich is served on triple deck white toast. Thankfully, at Pete’s this sandwich is served on a Kaiser roll—who really needs three slices of white bread on a sandwich anyway?

Dinty Moore

House roasted corned beef is piled high, topped with gruyere cheese, thousand island dressing and a home made coleslaw. Big thumbs up from my wife.

Pete’s Backstage Burger

I tried the Backstage Angus Burger. A holdover from Backstage Deli, this is a freshly ground and hand formed 8 oz. patty, served on a Kaiser roll with sautéed onions, smoked bacon and cheddar. I ordered mine medium, it came out a juicy medium well. Nicely seasoned, the flavors combined for a delicious sandwich. I subbed sweet potato fries for the regular fries and was quite happy. These and the regular fries are fresh cut, never frozen.

We were really full afterward, but I couldn’t resist grabbing a slice of pie to go, just to be able to report on whether it was any good. So once home, I took a dive into the slice of homemade pie—tender apple slices offering a nice blend of sweet and tart, some cinnamon, and a deliciously flaky crust. So the answer is yes, order dessert!

Check out Pete’s Broadway Café in person, on the webfacebooktwitter.

Pete’s is located at 1225 Woodward Heights, Ferndale, Michigan 48220
(248) 544-4215

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