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The Death of a Visionary

October 6, 2011

In 1989 I looked at the Macintosh computer, the one that looked like a little television and said quite sarcastically, “What will that thing ever do for me?”

I wasn’t into computers just yet.
 That was the beginning of my life long adventure into Apple products.

I am reminded daily of how Apple products have enriched my life.

My first iPod made me feel that it was a product developed just for me. I love listening to music, but the experience on the iPod was nothing short of amazing. I couldn’t put it down. Haven’t yet. Doubt if I ever will.

My first laptop opened up my world to traveling and working in new ways. My first iPhone, my first iPad; these devices continue to allow me to often live untethered to a desk or office. Helping me keep the drudgery out of work and combine it with the joy of doing the things I want and like to do, life.

Last night when I heard of the passing of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, I was deeply saddened. Yes, we knew he was ill, but even so, you are never prepared for death and you quietly hope that somehow he’ll make it through this illness. After the shock wore off, I thought about the impact his genius has had on the world. And I thought about how I, for one, will miss him and seeing “What Steve has for us, just around the corner.”

To his family, I send into the universe my sincere condolences and thanks, for sharing him with us.
Steve Jobs was truly unique.


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