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Bill Clinton drops his meat

August 22, 2011

Bill Clinton, a man known for his meat, is switching teams. No, he hasn’t gone gay. He’s gone vegan!

I know, I didn’t believe it myself. But NPR confirmed the rumors that this blue leftist has given up all of the red for good. And not just the red meat, but anything animal related.

Apparently, his doctors have been hassling Clinton about heart disease and losing weight. So, he dropped 20 pounds by dropping the animals from his daily intake. The result: a healthier Clinton and happier farm residents — well, sort of.

The truth is,I suspect Clinton’s decision has a lot more to do with health than animal rights or politics. But, I like that. More and more this nation is realizing that what the tree huggers and select-few dumpster divers have been doing for years is probably good for our bodies. As corporate food companies spread their fatty, but tasty, terror, the planet is rapidly becoming more obese with hormone-enhanced meat-look-a-likes – and I’m not talking about soy here.

Eliminating meat and animal products from your diet can lead to better weight and a reduction in risk for various heart diseases. But cutting out animal products doesn’t eliminate the responsibility of maintaining a healthy diet and
exercise routine. Leaving meat for potato chips will not cut it, though it is tempting.

Now this blogger hasn’t gone vegan quite yet. For one, it’s not affordable. Two, I’m not necessarily against eating animals as a whole. But I no longer find meat appealing, and I advocate for better treatment of animals. For the number of animals killed, world hunger should be solved. But much of the meat we get from these precious creatures is wasted, meaning these creatures not only died suffering inhumane conditions, but also died in vain. Not to mention, we throw off the natural flow of our habitat by depleting populations of
animals for sport or luxury. Only in the food industry is mass genocide and torture seen as acceptable. Plus, the amount of meat Americans in particular take in is far beyond what is recommended or needed for a healthy diet. All that said, a vegan diet may be in my future once I see more cash flow in my future as well.

Hopefully, as more major figures and people in general turn to vegan and vegetarian diets, companies will invest more in vegan-friendly products, thus bringing the cost down.

As for Clinton, this is the same white man who loves roaming Harlem, playing jazz and joined a black fraternity (welcome to the family, frat). So, hearing an older, white, male politician joined the ranks of the hippies is only surprising if the guy’s name isn’t Bill.

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