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Summertime Fun Park Lane Style

July 29, 2011

Oh my, was it hot. Oh, yes and it was about 90º outside, too.

The food was incredible, the pool kept us cool, the tennis and card games were sizzling.

The event was festive and all who attended for days afterward raved about what a wonderful time they had.

A great big Thank You goes out to Tracey Williams of Paragon Apartments for planning and pulling this event together. Tracey was committed to seeing Park Lane residents having an event that all ages would enjoy.

Tracey (Hurry back, we miss you already!)

It’s great to have special times where a community can come together to share in fun and laughter and enjoy each other. Tracey and her team of volunteers worked hard and tirelessly to ensure it. Looking forward to the next one.

Residents enjoyed the food and the shade.


The pool was a life-saver.


Lots of trash-talking during the Bid Whist games.


Those who didn't mind the heat were on the tennis court.


Let’s also take this time to wish Tracey well and a speedy recovery. Tracey will be missing in action for awhile, as she takes some time out to focus on her health. So get over to the office before this Sunday, July 31st, and give Tracey a great big hug.


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