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Downtown dates: Burdick’s

March 18, 2010

Whether you want to gather with friends, have a pre-whatever party, treat yourself to a night out or just watch the game, Burdick’s will deliver.  Just know that it’s a popular spot, so waiting for a table is not unheard of.

I have spent many afternoons taking advantage of the Sunday student half-off menu, which also runs every Wednesday. The Louisiana chicken is awesome, as well as their fries. I had a mudslide that wasn’t half bad, too.  After I ordered one, the entire table decided to give them a try.  Everyone was happy and had whipped cream mustaches.

I love how unique Burdick’s can get.  In honor of Black History month, they served a special soul food menu, offering dishes of down South with a Burdick’s twist to them. Sure, black people have more to offer the world than feel-good (though unhealthy) food, but the food sure is something to celebrate!

The Perks of Burdick’s

  • Students eat for half the price Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • Kids eat free breakfast when their parents buy a meal.
  • If you drink excessively at the bar, you can get a room at the Radisson (out of your own pocket.)
  • They have a huge menu, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and offering drinks and shakes galore. I would be surprised if you didn’t find something to enjoy.
  • For beer lovers, Oberon returns March 29. I personally don’t care for it, but I stand alone in that opinion. Try it for yourself!

For a complete menu and store hours, click on me!

Also, I found some reviewers I like and trust. So, get their opinion of Burdick’s here. Just don’t forget to come back and visit me!

Last photo Courtesy of Kalamazoo Gazette

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